Saturday, January 02, 2010

Talk at KUVA, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki


Time: Wednesday January 13, 6-8 pm
KUVA, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts,
Auditorium, Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki

Pilvi Takala and Ahmet Ögüt, both currently living and working in Amsterdam, will talk about their practice.

Ahmet Ögüt works with a broad range of media including video, photography, installation, drawing and printed media. His work often borrows from the experience of everyday life, which he observes and then amplifies and alters to expose its many contradictions. He weaves reality and fiction, success and failure, human tragedies and comedies to explore the failings and gaps of political and social structures.

Pilvi Takala works with narrative forms such as video, artist books and performance. Her work is based on subtle interventions in specific social settings, such as a work place, a local cafe or shopping mall. By breaking the rules in a subtle but constructive way Takala's actions reveal, question and eventually reinvent shared truths.