Saturday, September 19, 2009

203 Mehmet YILDIZs @ Pandora Kitabevi

Ahmet Öğüt

“203 Mehmet YILDIZs”

22, 09 – 30, 09 2009

Place: Pandora Kitabevi

MASA presents Ahmet Öğüt's "203 Mehmet YILDIZs"

Öğüt grounds his work on the fact that there are 203 licensed football players named 'Mehmet Yıldız' registered in Turkish Football Federation. Setting out from this information, the artist forms an imaginative team consisting of 203 different Mehmet Yıldız's. In his MASA exhibition, Öğüt is going to exhibit the voice record of the match between the two imaginary teams: “All Stars Team” and “All Stars Collective”

Exhibition can be visited everyday at Pandora Kitabevi between 22 and 30 September, from 12 to 6pm

Special Thanks:

Daghan Irak, Ali Murat Hamarat, Elif Bereketli, Pandora Kitabevi