Thursday, September 24, 2009

Warsaw under construction

Warsaw under construction

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

03.10.2009 - 22.11.2009

The list of artists participating in the project:
Michał Budny
Carlos Bunga
Daniela Brahm
Cyprien Gaillard
David Maljković
Bartosz Mucha
Ahmet Ögüt
Toby Paterson
Katarzyna Przezwańska
Tobias Putrih
Joanna Rajkowska
Ariel Schlesinger
Magdalena Staniszkis/Jan Smaga
Armando Andrade Tudela
Aleksandra Wasilkowska
Karol Żurawski

Projekty specjalne/ special projects:
Daniela Brahm
Tomasz Rygalik
Relax Studios

David Maljković, movie still "Images with their own Shadows", 2008
Tobias Putrih, "4th Gift (Warsaw)", 2009
Toby Paterson, bez tytułu (wystawa „Ever Growing Never Old”, Modern Institute), 2008

On Oct. 3 the Museum launches its feature project - "Warszawa w budowie" - "Warsaw under construction", a trailer of a new festival focused on designing. The trigger for this event was the City of Warsaw's request to have a new design festival. The Museum proposed to debate it's formula - is bringing beautiful objects into an ugly city worth the effort. Shouldn't we discuss the quality of the urban space instead? During the forthcoming two months of exbibitions and talks the Museum is looking for answers, how to redesign the public space in Warsaw in order to make it better.

The EXHIBITION presented at the Museum’s temporary HQ and in the neighbouring locations (the pedestrian passage in front of it, the Honorary Tribune on the Defilad Sq. and inside the Palace of Culture) comprises of works by artists, who relate their practice to design and urban planning and who borrow from their languages. They offer no solutions, do not yield to the demand for functionality. Instead, they bring into focus the particularities of Central-European urban space. The key-words to that world are: temporariness, decay, non-durability, anarchy, the validity of urban utopias. Where complex solutions are bound to fail, makeshift replaces designing and becomes an alternative way of satisfying needs. Temporariness, remaining half-way characterizes Warsaw just as other metropolises of the dynamically developing regions – Asia, Middle East or Latin America.