Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pensa | Piensa | Think

Pensa | Piensa | Think
Montse Badia, Ferran Barenblit,
Jacob Fabricius, Frederic Montornés

Santa Mònica Art Centre

On view 29 june - 21 october 2007

Pavel Althamer
Gustavo Artigas
Luis Bisbe
Guy Ben Ner
Joana Cera
Elmgreen & Dragset
Fischli & Weiss
Alicia Framis
Dora Garcia
Felix Gonzalez Torres
Aneta Grzeszykowska
J & Q
Leopold Kessler
Kris Martin
Ahmet Ögüt
Dan Perjovski
Jaume Pitarch
Tere Recarens
Gitte Shäffer
Andreas Slominski

Pensa | Piensa | Think is a group exhibition designed following the artistic positions that drive us to think of art as a vast space for interrogation and thought. An endless source of energy capable of giving meaning to the lines of work being developed at the CASM for the last four years. It is a doubly collective exhibition, because it is the work of four members of the board of curators at the CASM and it provides a counterpoint to the regular programme of the centre, based on projects by individual artists.

Built around the work of the artists that best reflect our interesting points through past exhibitions at the CASM, this exhibition invites the spectator to reflect on concepts such as the ephemeral, irony, criticism, casting doubt on the idea of an economy of time. Concepts that lead us through the language of art to search for the keys we need to question reality and rethink our present.

While the intertwinement of works, languages and discourses is one of the main aspects of this exhibition, the main criteria used when selecting the works was the doors these artists have opened for us to think about issues such as danger, surprise, tension, frustration of expectations, instability or uncertainty. Spectators can appreciate some of these topics through precariously balanced works, strange combinations of objects, machines whose operation hides many surprises, traps designed for animals, drawings made with light, personal and social memories, calendars with events that deserve to be remembered, rooms that have been locked for a long time or a photo album with the main character missing.

Pensa | Piensa | Think is an order, but also a strong invitation to the spectator. Far from advocating the consumption of alien ideas or thoughts, this exhibit expects the spectator to take on an active role.