Monday, August 04, 2008

Alphabetical Order

3 September 12 October 2008
Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation
Kungsbrostrand 19, Stockholm

Group exhibition with works by
John Baldessari
Ahmet Öğüt

opening 3 September 5 - 8 pm

Dealing with rhetoric and visual camouflage, this exhibition looks at performative language creating (miss)communication with works turning to didactive signage or symbolic codes in order to give expression to personal, political standpoints. In John Baldessari’s (US) video from 1972, where flashcards are used to teach a houseplant the alphabet, the artist ironically illustrates the opaque and artificial nature of language as a system of signs. R.E.P .(Revolutionary Experimental Space, UA) install a wall painting, a system of visual codes that through different configurations are lining out political and economical situations in contemporary Europe. Ahmet Ögüt (TR) transforms a car using paper cut outs, in a humorous way commenting on harsh local political realities.