Friday, January 26, 2007

Be[com]ing Dutch

Participants include:
Gitta Luten, Director of the Mondriaan Foundation and
Charles Esche, Director of Van Abbemuseum.
The evening will be moderated by Annie Fletcher


Fr 26/01/2007

16:00 Performance Erwin van Doom
17:15 Discussion in the Auditorium
18:15 Film screening 'Double Vision' by Mario Rizzi
19:15 Opening Be[com]ing Dutch

Sa 21/01/2007

10:00 Registration
10:00 Welkoming Address
10:45 Esra Sarigedik & Ahmet Ogut - Presentation & Discussion
11:30 Igor Dobricic - Presentation & Discussion

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Bik Van der Pol - Presentation & Discussion
14:00 Surasi Kusolwong - Presentation & Discussion
14:45 Maria Pask - Presentation & Discussion
15:00 Pause
15:30 Abdelaziz Taleb & Abdellatif Benfaidoul - Presentation & Discussion
17:00 Pause
18:00 Book Launch: Superflex:Self Organisation

Su 28/01/2007

10:00 Registration
10:30 Debate: Who is the ideal contemporary citizen of Eindhoven?
11:30 Sohelia Najand -Presentation & Discussion
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Aline Thomassen - Presentation & Discussion
14:45 Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi - Presentation & Discussion
15:30 Pause
16:00 Mario Rizzi - Presentation & Discussion
17:00 End of the Gatherings

Be[com]ing Dutch

January 2007 marks the start of our major two-year project Be[com]ing Dutch. Be[com]ing Dutch will ask what happens when national identities are put at risk and transformed through cultural difference. Becoming, as opposed to being, is about a fluid process of negotiating with everyday life and learning from the constant changes in our surroundings. It's usually hard but also more rewarding than fixing ourselves in one inherited culture.

Through artists developing new works, discussions with thinkers and activists and engagement with different local communities, Be[com]ing Dutch will try to unmake fixed national stereotypes and offer mobile alternatives that are created right here, right now in the city of Eindhoven. It invites you to join in, to ask yourself questions and to use the Van Abbemuseum as a place to find new possibilities for living and thinking.

Alongside, this major commitment, the Van Abbemuseum continues its playful re-imagination of our collection through the Plug In series and the development of the Living Archive. The temporary project 'Groot Hertogdom Brabant' explores new artistic initiatives in the old region that once inspired our loyalty, while Allan Kaprow follows on from Lee Lozano as a serious historical overview of a major artist from the 1960s.

Charles Esche, director